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FAQs - General

How do I access my SherburneConnect account?

                Go to

How do I shop for internet service providers (ISPs) or see what other speed offerings are available?

                Login to your account at

How do I change my payment method or update my credit card for SherburneConnect?

                Login to your account at

What if my intenet is not working?

More often than not, internet problems are actually WiFi router problems.  Start by unplugging  your router (not the VBG), count to 10, and plug it back in.

If  that doesn’t work, unplug the VBG, count to 10 and plug it back in.

View VBG status at  You should see under Subscribed Services;

SG 1.png

The VBG (black box like a modem) is shown below.  It should have lights on like shown here:

SG 2.png

Once you have tried the above steps, looked at your VBG, and familiarized yourself with the diagrams above, then call your ISP:

If its FiberSpark, call (607) 383-0595 or email

If its FyberCom, call (315) 314-4998 or email

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