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The Sherburne Fiber Network is a true Open Access network, meaning that the fiber connection to the home is managed separately from the Internet Services running over the fiber connection.  The physical fiber connection is managed by the Village of Sherburne with Internet Services running over the fiber being delivered by a private ISP selected by the customer.

The physically fiber connect is billed at a flat monthly rate as a utility fee.  The Internet Service fee is charged monthly by the selected ISP based upon the service plan subscribed to by the customer.  The fiber utlity fee and ISP plans are listed below.

Please Note:  The pricing listed below are accurate as to February 2024 and are subject to change.  As additional ISPs are added to the network (more competition) it is anticipated that additional service plans will be added and pricing could be adjusted over time.   A network customer can change their ISP and/or service plan at any time.

Village of Sherburne

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FIBERSPARK PRICING - 03 06 2024.png
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